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At Roots shoots leaves Ltd we provide a trustworthy and horticultural sensitive alternative to other businesses offering Japanese knotweed and other non-native invasive weed control services.

We offer several unique selling points to help demonstrate how we can stand out from the rest. Please read our ‘Why we are different’ section below, or give us a call.

Invasive weed plants are causing problems to native environments, habitats and landscapes of all descriptions throughout the UK.

They have a competitive edge over our native plants, tend to establish themselves faster and can change the balance of the natural environment by lowering the biodiversity.

There are many plant species regarded as non-native invasive plants and some are more widely known and publicised than others. The most notorious of which is the Japanese knotweed, which although heard of by most of the general public, so little appears to be actually known and so few people would actually know what it looked like. We have tried to dispel some of the misconceptions and highlight the basic knowledge required in our guide that can be found here with our Knotweed guide.

Invasive plant species are spreading successfully throughout the UK and can become a problem if not controlled. It is important to deal with the problem as early on as possible, as the infestation will only get worse and ultimately more time consuming to treat and therefore more expensive. For the sake of our natural habitats in Britain, if you spot a problem, get it treated sooner rather than later. Working together, we can all help keep our natural environment….native!


Why we’re different…………

  • Our qualified surveyors, trained by the Property Care Association, will visit your property upon request. A full environmental survey will be carried out to identify all the areas of invasive weed infestation on your land and/or neighbouring properties. The surveyor will then discuss with you the various options available. A tailored report and quotation will be sent to you, outlining the specialist service we intend to provide.

  • If our quotation is accepted then a full environmental management plan will be provided to you, with a treatment plan, mortgage approved report writing, OS mapping and extended warranty to ensure the work is satisfactorily completed.

  • The Roots shoots leaves LTD, Invasive Weed Control Management Plan is focused heavily on protecting the existing environment and helping the future environment of the location. We will advise and report on how we can remove the threats of the invasive species, with minimal effects on the existing habitat that has already had a tough time as a result of the weeds.

  • Discreet visits to the site can be made on request, you may not wish neighbours or adjacent properties knowing of your plight, assuming they are not involved. The infestation will be treated as any other, following our proven techniques, but with the addition of keeping things discreet.

  • The RSL Complete Package Plan, will provide you with a well-rounded service from start to finish. The work to treat, control and eradicate starts immediately and continues through to a free horticultural consultation on completion. We will provide an environmentally and horticulturally beneficial service from start, aiming to reduce the effects of the weed, plants and the control methods used.


Certificated Surveyor of Japanese Knotweed – CSJK



Core Principles of Our Business

  • Do what we say we will do.
  • Work to, learn from, and evolve our processes, to make the most environmentally beneficial use of our horticultural techniques.
  • Build and maintain excellent working relationships with our clients.
  • Respond to every point of contact from any client, on any matter, with equal professionalism and service.
  • To be polite, courteous and knowledgeable, are requisites of all our members of staff.
  • Working efficiently to improve and sustain the biodiversity and value of the clients’ property.

Featured Plants

Japanese Knotweed

Widespread distribution throughout the UK. Usually found in urban areas, and along routes of distribution such as roads, rivers and railways. It spreads by stem and root (rhizome) growth, and mainly by human interaction.

This perennial weed grows rapidly in spring and summer to out compete neighbouring plants.

Featured Plants

Himalayan Balsam

Widespread distribution throughout the UK, in a particular it is found mainly along river banks, waste land and woodlands. Spreads by seed which can be launched several meters by the plant. This tall growing annual plant has attractive flowers during summer months and can tolerate low light levels, out-competing other plants and spreading very quickly.

Featured Plants

Giant Hogweed

Widespread distribution throughout the UK, in a particular along river banks. Spreads by seed with dispersal by wind or water courses. The sap causes blisters if it comes into contact with skin and is exposed to sunlight. This biennial plant grows to 3.5m in height and produces huge amounts of seeds. These huge plants crowd out other bank side plants and spread easily.