Tree Services

A full tree surgery service is offered by Roots shoots leaves Ltd including;

  • Minor tree work – anything that can be safely achieved from the ground (up to 10ft)
  • Major tree work – anything that requires the tree to be climbed (above 10ft)
  • Tree surveys and management plans – Individual trees assessments and large scale management plans.

Minor tree surgery

Some trees may require a simple crown lift to provide more light to an owner’s property, to provide safe pedestrian/vehicular access or to improve sight lines and the health of the tree. Often there is the need to remove some of the lower branches or suckers to improve the look, balance and health of a tree. Tree work that can be achieved safely from the ground can be carried out with ways to improve a tree's health and aesthetic appearance considered before the task is started.

Major Tree Surgery

Some trees may require major work to deal with high level problems, limb removal, thinning, deadwood removal, or complete removal. Roots shoots leaves Ltd can take any problem you may have and provide a complete solution, with the backing of insurance and fully qualified operatives. A careful assessment of the tree will be made with options and recommendations provided.

All Tree Preservation Orders and checks for Conservation Areas will be made before the work is carried out to safeguard the tree and everyone involved. This is included in the price, as is the safe removal from site and environmental disposal of all waste material created during our work.

Tree surveys and management plans

Individual tree assessments can be made to provide a guide to what the best course of action for the long term preservation of a tree. All the options will be explored and a no obligation quotation will be provided, based on the information gathered. Scans of the tree can be taken to provide the customer with an accurate indication of the structural integrity of the trunk. This can help strengthen any decision that needs to be made regarding it future.

Management plans for a large group of trees can also be provided, giving an ongoing action plan. The trees can be numbered with tree tags and records kept of the work that has happen before, currently and into the future, to provide a spreadsheet of information to the customer. All the trees on site can be checked regularly and any problems reported, with the amount of work required, spread over a pre agreed period to spread costs.



Why we’re different...

  • Providing the highest levels of reliable landscape management delivering what is promised and building a close working relationship with our clients.
  • We provide a free of charge, no obligation site inspection and deliver a tailored recommendation report and quotation.
  • A direct route of contact with the Managing Director via telephone and email.
  • Qualified, experienced, fully insured and uniformed members of staff in attendance on every site visit. Our staff are knowledgeable, friendly and approachable. They are able to address any aspects of your site or account.
  • Clients benefit from online access to signed work reports, invoices and quotations.
  • Company policies dictate that risk assessments, method statements, COSHH, health and safety, environmental policies and equipment maintenance reports are undertaken regularly and copies are available to clients.

Featured Task

Removal of lower limbs

Large mature trees often require lower limbs to be removed to help balance the tree and prevent causing an obstruction or snapping due to excessive weight.

Featured Task

Tree Planting

The supply, delivery and installation of trees of all size, from small hedging whips, up to semi mature trees.

Featured Task

Deadwood removal

On-going maintenance for the mature trees involves the removal of branches that are dead and rotten, but still attached to the tree. The removal of the dead wood is not only good for the tree, preventing any damage to the tree, as and when it snaps out and falls, but also reduces the chances of injury or damage to persons or property.